Their Say.... 
I have been involved in the film & television industry for over 15 years.  My role as senior editor has seen me work and live in various countries across the world. In my time I have viewed over 10,000 hours of rushes.
Quite simply Jason Wotherspoon's are amongst the best I have ever seen?
I have worked alongside Jason on countless projects over the past ten years and apart from his intuitive eye, his input from location to post production is an extremely valuable asset for anyone taking him on. His skill in picking up on key elements that producers neglect is such a rarity in this current climate of TV production.
I have no doubt that Jason and I will work together again in the future as he is my first call when I know I need the job done right the first time.
Karl Rees
"Editor/Producer Mojo Media"

"It's rare, but every now and then you hit the jackpot, lucky enough to
work with a great all round cameraman. Someone with a superb eye for
that perfect shot, as much a director as a mate and easy going with
everyone on the road. jason wotherspoon is that rare breed. It always
has been, and will be, a pleasure to do any story with him"

Mike Munro

"Jason Wotherspoon is a master picture craftsman, a high quality cinematographer with passion and discipline.  He thrives under pressure, always charms the talent, and delivers beautiful well thought through sequences and images time after time. He is also a logistician and de facto producer - essential skills on a complicated long-form overseas picture story.  He's always thinking ahead for how to make a shoot better, more efficient and hassle-free. I've learned to listen to his advice. He makes story-telling fun."

Ross Coulthart
"Journalist - Sunday Night" 
`I've had the good fortune of working closely with Jason Wotherspoon for the past 9 years. He is one of the most capable, professional cameramen I've ever been lucky enough to collaborate with. His shots are always perfect, capturing the beauty, emotion and essence of the moment.  He has an uncanny ability to make whoever you are interviewing feel completely comfortable, and makes editing easy as he plans his shots in such a manner that they just naturally flow once you hit the edit booth. Even under enormous pressure during live sporting events such as the Summer and Winter Olympics, The Australian Open Tennis or The Melbourne Cup Carnival... his work is easy to pick... as his vision is usually the most breathtaking, stunning images of the entire event.'
Johanna Griggs
"TV Presenter & Host"

In nearly 30 years in the current affairs and documentary world both in Australia and internationally, I’ve rarely worked with a cameraman as sharp and creative as Jason. His outstanding talent is swiftly sizing up shooting situations – however rushed or tense – and creating strong, classy sequences. For run and gun situations, there’s no better shooter. In more controlled settings he maps out his sequences for the producer/director – puts the talent at ease – and creates beautifully lit, marvellously composed shots that cut effortlessly into compelling sequences.  He’s got a great eye and he’s a great bloke.

Gareth Harvey
"Producer - 60 Minutes"